Our Story

Because peace is everywhere

Paxy is beautiful energy transformed into a company. Is the energy of pure love to others and to ourselves. Our name Paxy comes from the word peace in Latin: PAX. Our purpose is to inspire women to become ambassadors of a culture of peace, creating a more harmonious society, wearing  hand-made jewellery made by women, honouring their inner power, multiculturalism, and love for each other.

A culture of peace represents solidarity, creativity, equality, and the ability to resolve daily conflicts in a non-violent way.

Paxy started in 2017 when Nancy and Kieran traveled to Venezuela to visit Nancy's family. They met amazing artists who make  wonderful Caribbean jewellery and decided to show the world those beautiful pieces of jewellery representing culture, nature, and connection with our inner self.

Venezuela is going through a very severe humanitarian crisis and Nancy and Kieran want to do something meaningful to help. They created Paxy to enhance economic prosperity for women in Venezuela and South America. Paxy has a double impact, we supports young entrepreneurs to make a positive social impact in Venezuela and Australia through our partner organisations. We give 10% of its profits to support social projects in Venezuela.

At Paxy we believe that girls' and women's empowerment, ethical employment, and education for social entrepreneurship are factors that improve local and global peace. We create events and loving gatherings to spread this message and get in touch with you.

We are members of the United Nations Association of Australia NSW and are committed to creating a more sustainable and peaceful world. Come and share this wonderful journey with us, peace is everywhere!

Meet The Team


Nancy Torres

Founder & Director

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Nancy is very passionate about the power of peace and positive change in society. She had researched and worked on the culture of peace in a wide range of organisations in Venezuela and Australia. In recent years the incredible potential of social entrepreneurship and fashion for purpose have caught her attention as a way to contribute to peace and sustainable development. In her free time she is outdoors and she also likes painting.

Nancy holds BA in Psychology, a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship and is currently working on her Master in Peace Education and Human Rights.


Kieran Howard

Partnership Manager

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Kieran is interested in the dynamics of world cultures in a globalised society. He has lived and worked on five continents and gained a good perspective on international trade, multiculturalism and music. He has a Bachelor of Cultural Anthropology and has taught photography and anthropology to teens in rural Kenya. He's currently doing a MBA, specialising in business development and partnerships.
His passion is music, he plays 13 instruments and recently has returned to playing gigs. 
Kieran wants to see Paxy growing and making a global positive impact!

Our Partners

Our Impact

Our impact is measured by the contributions we make to all our stakeholders. As partners of the United Nations Association of Australia we are fully committed with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Part of our profits (10%) go to support social projects in Venezuela to promote gender equality, education and entrepreneurship.

If you want to understand more or want to participate in our activities send us an email.