Frequently asked questions

What makes Paxy jewellery unique?

Paxy jewellery is handmade and inspired on Latin American natural places. Our designers and artisans are women entrepreneur in developing countries. We paid fairly for our suppliers work because we are against modern slavery in fashion. We strive for sustainability, your jewellery will arrive in packaging made from upcycled clothing! Finally, and perhaps most special, is that every purchase of Paxy delivery helps to fund social impact initiatives in South America, so while wearing your beautiful jewellery you are making a real positive difference in people’s lives.

How is peace related to fashion?

Peace is a concept that has been evolving and changing but mainly means solving conflicts in a non-violent way and improving global wellbeing (socially and environmentally).
The fashion industry, besides being associated with art, expression, and beauty has also a dark side. The industry has been characterise for being wasteful, use modern slavery to make cheaper items, and use materials that easily break so consumers can buy more and more. Additionally, every season (every 3 months!) a new collection comes out and the old collection is out of fashion, lots of clothing in good condition are going to the landfill.
But there is hope, we can contribute to peace paying and treating fairly to our suppliers and employees, practicing slow fashion, implementing circular economy, recycling and upcycling. Paying attention to the brands we use and the social and environmental impact they have is key because that is what we will be supporting with our purchase.
If you still want to know more about peace and fashion, send us an email to hello@paxy-ara.com. We love this topic, so we are always happy to chat about it!

Where is Paxy located?

That’s a tricky one, Paxy is actually a collection of like minds and changemakers around the world. Currently, our jewellery is sourced from Venezuela, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. Our business strategy and operations are conducted in Australia. And we partner with organisations around the world. Ultimately, we’d like to think that Paxy is located everywhere you go, because you can carry the Paxy spirit with you and inspire others to live peaceful, beautiful, paxyful lives.

How can I support Paxy social impact?

There are a few ways that all of us can do to support Paxy’s social impact. Firstly, purchasing our jewellery means that funds are sent to social impact initiatives in Latin America- we support innovators and changemakers through strategic partnerships in Venezuela, to encourage women to grow professionally and help the economic crisis in that country. You can learn from our initiatives about sustainability, slow fashion, fashion for purpose, peace, and our values. These are ideas you can carry with you in your daily lives to make a positive impact on the world around you. We also support Australian social impact organisations that bring together entrepreneurs, industry professionals and ambitious youth through diverse programs. Want to take it further? We LOVE to hear from you! Write us your ideas, comments, suggestions, or how you would like to participate.

What means Paxy Ara?

Our name, Paxy is inspired by the Latin Pax which means peace. We’re pretty exited about peace and social innovation and we have found a way to contribute using fashion and social entrepreneurship as a mean. Our brand and logo are represented by Ara, a southern constellation which has a special meaning for us. In traditional cultures around the world, it has been seen as the altar. This altar is where we come to get toguether, share ideas and give thanks to the beautiful things in our lives. For us, Ara also means the unification of change-makers like you (stars) that want to be part of something bigger and have a positive impact in the world (a constelation).