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Brazalete de la suerte (Lucky Bracelet)

Brazalete de la suerte (Lucky Bracelet)


This bracelet is made from Peonia Seeds, materials that have been worn in South American jewellery for thousands of years. Hand-made by artisans in Caracas, Venezuela, these seeds are believed by Indigenous Venezuelans to bring good luck. Wearing the Brazalete de la Suerte is sure to bring good fortune, and its vibrant red on black is a complement for a variety of styles. It can be worn as an elegant accessory or even an everyday reminder of good things to come. The seeds are a sign of spirituality, in this region that means a unique blend of traditional indigenous and catholic beliefs representative of the Caribbean’s wonderful diversity and bounty. This bracelet can remind you of your connection with different powers that protect and bring peace.

  • Dimensions

    Length: 16 cm