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The Caribbean Ring

The Caribbean Ring


The Caribbean Ring, “Anillo del Caribe” is incredibly beautiful and unique- it is one of the designs we have only found in Venezuela, unique to the Caribbean culture there. The Caribbean area spans the many islands and countries that surround that sea, and has a very mixed culture with influences from Indigenous cultures, Europe and Africa. The Caribbean is also home to natural environments that are special for the flora and fauna that are found nowhere else on the planet. Between the pristine coasts, endless pure beaches, and the deep jungles of Latin America lie beautiful ecosystems. Of course this area is known for the beautiful palm trees full of coconuts and the sweet smelling mango trees, however this ring is inspired by the “Palo Santo” or sacred tree (bursera graveolens). This tree is known by locals to have life-giving powers, home to many birds and animals, and some of the hardest wood Indigenous Caribbeans could find to make their tools and homes. Wear this ring and you will feel the power of life and the connection with the Caribbean. Modelled after a leaf and dipped in gold, you might find these lying on the floor of an enchanted rainforest!

  • Dimensions

    Length: 4.8 cm

    Width: 2.5

    Ring circunference: adjustable (suitable for any finger thickness)